Alec’s Bucket List


Since I’ve hit the big 2-0, it’s about time I make a list of the things that I want to happen in my life, or wish that I want to happen that are non-academic. And I am really hoping that I have crossed out at least half of these things by the time I’m 25!

Update: Realized some are redundant so I joined them. Also realized alot of the stuff here have alot to do with jumping off of heights (what was I thinking, right?). We have 1.5 years – let’s see where this brings us.

  2. Go Bungee Jumping.
  3. Learn SCUBA Diving.
  4. Wear a bikini to the beach.  I did this July 2016 and I will be doing it again on August 2017! #nofear
  5. Go snorkelling.
  6. Swim with a Butanding (Whale-shark).
  7. Eat something exotic (ex. fried frog legs, Soup No. 5).  I am crossing this out with Stinky Tofu. Dear Lord, I think I would rather eat dinuguan(pig’s blood) any day than try Stinky Tofu again. I love food and tofu but eating this, moreso finishing that plate I bought, still makes me want to tear up remembering it. 
  8. Submit a Palanca entry or write a book or something.
  9. Plant a sapling. I think I did this before I was even 20 in one of my community service classes! Nevertheless, I’ve planted a lot of other stuff here at home in the past 3 years.
  10. Go on a Eurotrip with a travel buddy.
  11. Actually complete an online class.
  12. Visit China with a Chinese friend.   January 2018! Went to Taiwan (which is technically part of the ROC, with a half-Chinese friend, lol. I will take what I can get)
  13. Bet on a basketball game and win.
  14. Go to work on-time with a hang-over.
  15. Experience a ‘Happy Thursday’ with college friends.  I went to my cousin’s bachelorette party — way lot of drinking than I expected!
  16. Bake a cake. Complete with icing.
  17. Ride a Camel in Egypt. Or an Elephant in Thailand. Broke my heart when I saw the elephants in Thailand so I decided not to ride any more.
  18. Make friends with a stranger on a plane trip.
  19. Invest in the stock market. Happy 1 year of investing!
  20. Fall in love.

Happy to hear your take on this

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