About Me

Now an Electronics Engineering graduate. I am inspired by people, places and odd things. A lover of dogs. A sucker for Math. Future traveller and businesswoman.


Naturally funny (you can laugh now) with a cheerful disposition (yes, I’m really going with this), I started blogging because I loved reading Fan Fiction so much that I wanted to write a FanFic as well but I never could finish. So I resorted to writing the real events that happened to me along with my personal thoughts. In the first few years, blogging became my hate-diary. I would write whenever I was angry or frustrated. Would you believe that a naturally funny and cheerful person like me could harbor so much anger? Well, after 2 or 3 years of hate-blogging I realized that it wasn’t doing me any good so I tried to channel it the other way. Write about the good stuff to remember and write less of the angry stuff to forget.
Turned out better because now you dropped by, yeah? Now, I’m on my way to making this blog a bit more well-rounded with pictures and stories of my ‘adventures.’ Keep following, I might grow the balls to include a video-blog someday. We’ll see.
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