Bucketlist like Timecapsules

I decided it was about time I visited my blog roughly a month before my birthday and start getting myself together. I will be celebrating my first year in the workforce next week and I will be off this weekend and the most part next week for my cousin’s wedding in Siquijor. When I come back, I am sure to be swamped again with work considering there will be exciting changes about to happen in the office.

So I stumbled upon one of the pages I made in this blog roughly three years ago — my bucketlist and decided to go through it and see if I could cross any of it out. Out of the 20, I managed to cross out 4! Not bad considering when I reviewed the list, a lot of the things I put there were things I saw other people do and couldn’t exactly imagine myself doing. A big part of me was screaming, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! while reviewing it. Apparently, a lot of the things I listed have something to do with travelling, eating something exotic, or doing something risky.

It made me think why the hell I thought of listing those things in the first place. Now though, it seems to me that when I turned 20 I wanted to live a little recklessly. And I think I am still struggling with the thought that I am at that point in my life where I should be a bit reckless and make mistakes. Even my cousin told me that. I think I’ve been way too comfortable in my shell – which I still am. I’m trying! I’ll get there. We’ll get there. I have to convince myself that.



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