Good Friday musings

I finally downloaded the WordPress app on my phone again and told myself I have to post today. Checked my drafts and I have 2 in queue that are outdated and I think I’m never going to post it at all.

Anyway, ALOT of things have happened in the last 6 or so months that I haven’t written here. Like, I got a job last July (yay!) and I am currently enjoying it. I got hospitalized last September for losing to much blood during my period (boo!). And, I went to Bangkok just a few weeks ago and I am going to post something about it.

Now, though, since it is Good Friday and I haven’t been the best Catholic since the start of Lent, I wanted to do a little thought and spiritual exercise.

I will admit that I haven’t been praying as much these days. Not as strong as I did when I was studying and looking for a job. Of course, I prayed for the usual things to thank for and the basic – safety, good health, prayer for the souls in purgatory. However, not much on the special intention like to pass this course and that or get called for the job.

Sometimes it makes me feel that I don’t have something to focus on now that I don’t pray for something specific. And it makes me feel like I’ve no direction…

Maybe I should start praying for that. Guidance to know what I should prioritize in life. Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll do that.

What else have I not been good about? Oh yes, adhering to the usual Lenten traditions. I’ve broken the abstinence of meat on Fridays rule for the most part, I haven’t attended Ash Wednesday mass, not done the stations of the cross, did not do the Visita Iglesia – it almost sounds like I didn’t do anything the entire lent. I did go to mass yesterday for the Last Supper. And I haven’t touched meat since Wednesday. I’m trying to catch up, lol.

I don’t know – now that I’m growing to see the world in a bigger picture it doesn’t feel right doing those traditions once a year and not practicing what it really entails the rest of the year. Having to remember the Passion that Christ went through every lent is cool but sometimes it seems to be getting a bit commercial. Maybe it’s just me.

I’d rather be breaking abstinence as long as I don’t turn out a glutton. I’d rather try and be a kind person to everybody than attend every activity and still be rotten after Easter. By the way I am explaining my thoughts, the more inclined I am to believe that I want what Lent means, to be a longterm kind of transformation. Yeah… Makes sense.
Yeah, that’s about it. Will be back in my next post!



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