Patience, Duolingo and other things

You know that feeling of wanting something so bad, it’s within arms reach but then there’s this barrier that just stops you…uncertainty. Then, you realize that you want it even more however bad the uncertainty is eating you up and the only thing you can do is wait patiently.

You can ask but asking too much comes across as desperate. Nobody wants desperate. So you wait and wait and try to do something productive while waiting. Read books, learn a new language, trade stocks, plant edible herbs. Whatever.

Then comes another, not as appealing however with potential. Now, you’re caught between the two. You start considering the new one and see it for what it has to offer. You look back and see the first one still there pulling you back showcasing all it has to offer. However, you are still unsure if it wants you the way you want them. So you linger and give it time.

You try to pull back into your routine to keep you distracted, to keep you from doing something stupid because it isn’t the time to make a decision yet.

And this is why I need to be more patient with my life. And I missed blogging. Seemed like the right time to get back to writing to get the edge off. While I have been busy looking for a job, I’ve also gone into doing the things that I so wanted to do but couldn’t since there was college, review and then board exams.

I’ve been learning French with Duolingo, this incredibly cool language learning app that gives bite-size lessons, has interesting sentences to practice on (my favorite so far: Les hommes sont les enfants), and has incentives to keep you going. I’ll continue German once I’m done with French. Right now, the only German sentence I remember is Ich bin gut (I am good), which, to me, sounds really German. However, after googling a bit, I found out this sentence has more sexual bearing in the culture HAHAHA thank you Urban Dictionary for that. Now I am never forgetting that sentence.

I’ve caught on with Game of Thrones, Arrow and some random teen movies I have never even heard of before.

I’ve upped my cooking game learning how to cook quarter-inch steaks in a cast-iron plate. It tastes so good if you do it right. I’ve finally planted basil and thyme seeds after failing to bring home fully grown ones from my trip to Baguio last month. The basil is growing really fast. The thyme is taking a bit slower but I still have hopes with this. Patience.

I’ve gone around again with family, vacationing on the weekends and I better pick it up again and post it here. I have to get this blog going again. I was thinking of making a series on my childhood and I want to name it the ‘Stupid Kid Diary.’ More details on that soon.


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