My First Job Interview after Board Exams

I believe it’s about time I went back to blogging now that board exams are finally over and the results are out. Guess what? I passed! Hooray! Neglecting to exercise and not giving two ***** on what I eat paid off. I do hope you caught my sarcasm on that, I really do.  But that was two weeks ago. So what have I been doing for the couple weeks after? I’ve been looking for a job. And now, I’ve just been offered one, two days ago. Although, this was not one of those jobs that I went around asking for.

I don’t know what I was thinking because when I received the invite for a technical exam, it was for a day after the board exams. I figured, yeah why not take a technical exam the day after boards to take my mind off of the board exams. So I took it. A little while after I took the company’s technical exam, I was sent home because I did not ‘meet’ the expected grade. So I did. I was like, ok whatever, at least I tried and it did get my mind off the fact that in 3 days, board exams results would be out. Board exam results came out that Friday and everybody was happy. I started applying for a job. It was a week after I was sent home from the technical exam that they gave me a call. I was quite surprised after I was told that I failed and all that.

I quite had the nerve to ask the one calling why they were when they then told me before that I already failed their technical exam.   They just said that they were reconsidering all the applicants and I was one of them and now they were inviting me for an interview the next day. I didn’t exactly have plans and I wasn’t hearing from any of the companies that I actually was applying to since, well, I had just sent them out. So I agreed, you know, just to practice myself on interviews and such.  I had two interviews that day and when I went home, I was hoping they wouldn’t call. Really really hoping they wouldn’t.

They did. Monday, late in the afternoon, they called me for a job offer and I was to come to them the next day 9 o’clock. That’s barely a day’s notice! And I already had plans that day so I told them that I couldn’t make it and to give me until today to think about the offer. I’m still thinking about the offer.



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