Boracay 2014: The Weekend Getaway

November 6-9, 2014

Getting There

I might have been away from the familiar smell of home and my fluffy pillows but this trip to Boracay was an adventure so NOT out of the comfort zone. In fact, this is the most laid back trip I’ve ever had. No definitive itineraries. Just plain lounging around and enjoying the beach. 006

The trip wasn’t planned. We just stumbled on an air travel promo from Cebu Pacific last August and took it. We went with two of Mom’s close friends. I was practically the tag-along in this trip since this was their ‘BFFs Getaway.’ Nevertheless, I took the chance to come along and relax as well. 🙂

We flew from Manila to Kalibo on the evening of November 6 after the Air Asia flight was delayed twice. The 2:30 pm flight became a 6:30 pm flight. Well, I think that’s what you get with promo flights but it didn’t matter. We were excited. We arrived at Kalibo quarter past 7, tired but all smiles.

Inside the ferry, waiting to leave the port
The last time I went to Boracay was over 10 years ago. I was in grade school then. I was surprised how convenient it was to travel to Boracay now. During the plane trip, the flight attendants offered us round trip tickets for the final leg of travel to Boracay. Roundtrip tickets cost Php 1000 (Php 500 for one way). It includes the 2-hour bus ride going to Caticlan, the 30(?) minute boat ride going to Boracay, and the shuttle/tricycle/golf cart (it depends) ride to your hotel and vice versa. The payment also includes the environmental tax and whatnot that you need to pay in order to enter Boracay. Incredibly good deal offered by Southwest Tours Boracay, Inc. It made the last leg of travel to Boracay convenient and seamless.


We arrived at the Hotel way past 11 o’clock in the evening. We stayed at the One Azul Boracay Resort at Station 1. It was a pretty cozy room with two single beds. We just had to arrange ourselves and add an extra matress to fit. The bathroom (which is makes-or-breaks my opinion of any service establishment) is pretty fancy for its size, rain shower and bidet.The room costs around Php 2000 a night give or take. They have cable TV and WiFi, btw. What I enjoyed the most was that the hotel was so near the beachfront and it was situated at the less busy side of the island. Definitely great if you really want to unwind from all the noise and chaos you’re used to when living in the city. We stayed here for the first 2 nights of our stay.

On the last night, we wanted to move somewhere that was near the road so it would be easier for Southwest to get us and

Bans Beach Resort. I don't have a photo of the rooms but this swan of a towel I just had to take!
Bans Beach Resort. I don’t have a photo of the rooms but this swan of a towel I just had to take!
so we don’t have to lug our things too much. We stayed at Bans Beach Resort Boracay. We got the room at the same rate as One Azul. It had one single bed and a double. The room was larger, it had a refrigerator, cable TV, Wifi. The bathroom was larger, less fancy. It had a water heater, detachable shower head, no bidet. The area was a little more populated than where One Azul was however, Bans had access to both the main road and the beach, which was what we wanted on the last night of our stay. It was also near D’Mall and D’Talipapa.


Since Boracay is a well-known tourist spot, food is not cheap. The first meal we had there cost us roughly Php 200 each given that it was a restaurant at the beach front. If you want to save on food for other activities such as island hopping or parasailing (which cost more than Php 1000, give or take), you could go to D’Mall or D’Talipapa and order fast food at Andok’s which was what we did. Or you can eat at the newly opened McDonald’s there, which was also what we did.

Although, I strongly suggest that you, at least once, eat at the D’Talipapa at any of the paluto restaurants. Indulge in fresh seafood that you get to pick out and buy at the wet market in the middle of all these paluto restaurants. Like me who is allergic to shrimp and crab (though I couldn’t resist not eating shrimp), there’s an array of shellfish and fish to choose from in the market.

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Also, when you’re there, try Real Coffee & Tea Cafe’s Calamansi Muffin. They’re 65 pesos a piece and they’re really good. I’m not a fan of citrus-y desserts but the kick of Calamansi in those muffins definitely made my jaw lock which was worth the try.


I almost missed it with a sign that small! But when you go inside, there’s a really large REAL COFFEE sign that’s hard to miss.019


Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a feel of Boracay’s night life unless you can count the evening strolls we took after dinner. Nah, that doesn’t count. I haven’t even tried parasailing, island hopping(last I did was the visit 10 years ago), or snorkeling. 😦 Alot of adult supervision haha. Next time, come with me and we’ll do all those together. The most leisurely activity that I was able to do there was sleep, eat and swim. Both of which I always am welcome to do. I think Mom had a full body massage for Php 150 and she got her hair braided for Php 200.

That’s basically it. Boracay now is totally different from the Boracay I once visited 10 years ago. From native nipa huts for lodging, there are now airconditioned hotels with WiFi. Ten years ago, we brought instant noodles and canned sardines for us to eat hahaha. Now there are so many restaurants and convenience stores! The only leisurely activities I remembered offered before were the Banana Boat and Island Hopping. Now there are countless that I haven’t even tried. Nevertheless, I was definitely recharged after that trip and very tan. I loved it. I want another getaway soon, after this Typhoon Ruby passes and during the Christmas break hopefully. Take a look at the gallery below, more photos!


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