Summer Trip 2014: Guimaras, Philippines


Probably my first trip to the beach in 3 years! It’s been a long while and I have been looking forward to this trip since the start of the year. Although I never liked walking with sand between my toes, the urge to take a dip in the water was way greater.

022So here was how we got there. We took the RoRo( Roll On Roll Off) at the Pulupandan Port, Bacolod so we could bring cars.
Guimaras isn’t big on road transporation so to get around, it was best you had your own car. Travel time to the Raymen Beach Resort was around 2 hours, excluding the waiting for the ship to leave ( loading and unloading.) After the 45-minute boat ride, it was one hot roadtrip with cousins on the back of my uncle’s truck but it was worth the laughs… and the tan, of course.

Well, when we arrived at Raymen Beach Resort, all my expectations got squashed haha. I was expecting something like The Marriot but then I remembered, we’re in a small town with a white sand beach. Raymen caters to both day trip vi
sitors and those who wish to spend the night, or two ( that’s us.) There are air conditioned rooms, a canteen, wifi, and polite staff.

035On the first day, while waiting to check-in to our rooms, we ventured out to the Trappist Monastery to pray…and look for souvenirs haha. I did get to see some monks and a few nuns and the good looking church.

It wasn’t until the second day that we got to see the island’s beauty. At 730 am, we went island hopping even stopping at one island to have a quick swim. It was way better than the beach by the hotel. The water was clearer, quiet. I think it was called the turtle island. Since there was a live turtle sheltered there. But I did not get to see it since I opted to go swimming! (#sorrynotsorry)
We passed by a few more private islands owned by foreigners but I wasn’t really paying attention to what the boatmen were saying since I was busy enjoying the view and the water. 😉

We ventured the town afterwards, to look for fresh fish and PORK since dinner the previous evening was all fish. Well, we managed2014-05-01 10.07.21 to buy so much fish and a pack of frozen pork. Meat, it turned out, was scarce in that area. They even have a scheduled day for butchering pork! On Sundays! Yes, I thought I was on abstinence once again. We had a nice lunch though. Spicy Pagi(stingray) cooked in coconut milk. It looked like curry but tasted way better. We had alot of grilled fish and of course we also had the pork grilled.

In the afternoon, we went trekking at the JB Lacson Nature Farm. And that was where I found the most serene side of the beach with the amazing sunset. It was also the side where the corals were still alive. Yes, during the island hopping and the afternoon stroll, so much dead corals were washed up on shore and I have stepped on really big and sharp ones at the beach by the hotel. We strolled a while, I broke a sweat of course. And I enjoyed how quiet it is in the province. It really was a get-away.

But it wasn’t a place to stay f092or long. Seeing how the disturbance affected the ecosystem, enjoying the quiet paradise Guimaras offered makes the experience quite bittersweet. Even more bitter for me since I did not get to try their mangoes (Guimaras is very well known for them) because I am allergic to it. How ironic.

Wading in the water and getting a tan made up for it, to say the least. And I’m not one to complain on the chance to get some R&R. So all in all, it was a really good trip.

Looking forward to the next beach adventure. View more of my trip at the Gallery below!



6 thoughts on “Summer Trip 2014: Guimaras, Philippines”

  1. Was it crowded on the beach and in the common areas when you stayed at Raymen Beach Resort? I’m planning a one-night trip to Guimaras this April. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jen. Thanks for asking. The one we went on was the first trip – 6am but we were at the port waiting I think 5am? Not sure what time the succeeding trips are.

  2. Hi, how much does the RORO charge if you bring your car? Was planning to bring Pickup truck. How about the last trip from guimaras to pulupandan?

    Thanks and appreciate your reply.

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