Why I respect Dong Nguyen as an App Designer

Now, I admit that I can be quite judgemental with app and game designers given that they constantly give us reasons to spend our leisure time in sedentary activities aside from the already sedentary lifestyle we live. I still have my reservations to those who make a career out of it and dream to make a career out of it. However, I take my hat off to Dong Nguyen after reading his statement that was printed in an article from Forbes (read it here).

I am aware that game and application design are becoming quite a career for the creatives and the kick ass programmers that they can earn a fortune from a single app. I’m still amazed with how these developers thought of making such popular programs. However, the addiction that users develop and that developers feed is always a disappointing sight. That’s why after reading Nguyen’s statement, it was quite comforting to know that programmers like him exist – that he created the app with a vision that it will be played to relax and in moderation.

I am even impressed that he wasn’t even fazed with all the death threats (or I just don’t know about it) and went through with pulling out the game. A programmer who sticks to his principles. This is the perspective that online, print and other media covering this issue fail to look at. Everybody seems content with viewing the issue in the eyes of the Flappy Bird addict.

I hope Nguyen’s act of preserving the dignity of his creation becomes a reminder for us all to think before we flap… whatever it is that we can flap.



Happy to hear your take on this

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