Friends with OCs

                I was out last Friday with my friends, Laurice and Roselyn, for an afternoon of playing really chill bowling followed by watching Despicable Me 2. It’s been a while since I went out to spend that much time on leisurely activities and I must say that it has been refreshing.

                Knowing myself, what I enjoy most in these get-togethers are the conversations. During our late lunch in Sbarro – Yes, I have to say where we ate because I love the food there – we had a rather interesting conversation on what peeves us and daily bathroom habits.  It started with the topic of OC- obsessive compulsion – the things that we couldn’t fathom not doing or the things that we must do or see in ourselves and our belongings. Roselyn and Laurice are self-proclaimed OCs. And it’s really fun hearing them rant on what ticks them off and the lengths they go through just to even the lengths of their shoe laces before knotting them. It was really interesting to know the side of them that I don’t see in school. At some point, their ‘Obsessive-Compulsiveness’ has made me feel like a general slob. But not really. I have OCs of my own. Well, the conversation somehow led to bathroom habits.

For such a random conversation topic, it somehow managed to rile some of us especially when we realized how different our bathroom habits are! Roselyn couldn’t understand why I hated changing in the bathroom because I’m a klutz with handling clothes in there but we did share the same peeve of wet bathroom floors that are not within the shower area. Laurice and I shared the same sentiment of finding changing in the bathroom a difficult ordeal. Up until last Friday, I always assumed that all people did the same things I did in the bathroom in the same order. Really.

                On our way to the bowling alley, I realized that the three of us differ a lot in our personal habits – that some might seem disgusting to the other – but we still manage to get along. I know that my assumptions seem to hold onto quite shallow justifications but these days, it is difficult to find friends who are willing to overlook the each other’s differences and choose to enjoy the company of one another.


                Well, as it turned out, I am a lame bowler. They were poking fun at how I practically ‘threw’ the bowling ball on the lane among other things. But I’m used to it – and it’s entertaining to have your friends laugh at your lame habits like it’s the most bizarre thing in the world. It reminds me that I need to live a little and that they care enough to rub it in my face. 😉

                We watched Despicable Me 2, after. I couldn’t stop laughing every time a Minion appeared on screen. They’re the cutest things ever! We found ourselves really hungry at dinner – or so I think. No, I think I was the hungriest. Anyway, I enjoyed the all-meat dinner. And I was taking my sweet time eating because Dad came to meet me so we could go home together.        

They were really happy that I stayed with them until 1030 in the evening. They deem it as an achievement on my part and it somehow does feel like I earned a gold medal. Gold medal for staying out past my bedtime and for having sweet friends like them HAHA :”>



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