To my Ma, an Effort to make this year’s Mother’s Day different

This was the letter I gave Mom for Mother’s Day. She asked that I posted it somewhere so she could share it to other people. Might as well share it here.

Dear Ma,

I love you. Very much. I believe you already know that especially since I abuse the use of that sentence whenever I ask for favors or try to get myself out of your reprimanding stares. But today, I’d like you to know that I love you. And it’s not because I’m going to ask for something or because of your reprimanding stare. Nope. It’s because of a lot of reasons.

I love you because you worry about us… a lot. Even if you try to put on that ‘tough mom’ act, that ‘where are you?’, ‘what time are you coming home?’ text you send always gives it away. As much as it can be frustrating to receive such texts at about the time I arrive to the places where I said I would be, the gimik will never be complete without those texts. Thank you –it keeps me on my toes. All the time.

I love you because you’re very affectionate. A week cannot pass by without an occasion, a moment or even a minute that you would come up to me and my brother to nag, pinch, or hug just because you missed us. And on those occasions, when you just feel like tickling us to death with the knowledge that we are capable of knocking you over because we’re twice your size – you still tickle us. It may be a pain to the tummy to laugh so hard and restrain ourselves from pushing you off the bed, but after that tickle, hug, pinch, or squeeze on that baby fat, it always reminds us of how much we’re loved and how important it is to show love.  

I love you because you’re patient (even if you say you aren’t). Despite the fact that I almost gave you a heart attack on the first time I drove with you as my passenger, you mustered up the courage to be my passenger and mentor, again. And when you talk about the things that frustrate you – but still put up with it, that’s patience, Ma. Do not forget the countless times that we have made you mad for reasons that are both petty and serious – that you sometimes scare us with the thought that you’ll die or leave(Until today, that thought still scares me). But we still wake up to your knock on the door and nudge on the butt cheek.  

I love you because you’re a sport. Whether it would be my brother’s soccer game or that scholarship application interview I went a couple of years ago, you’d always make the effort of being there – waiting under the sun, hot and humid or waiting for a whole afternoon. Oh yes, and that time when Rique and I were still competing in Taekwondo – you’d wait with us the entire day even if he and I always end up going home bruised and losers! And even if we may always be on the losing side, you’d always support us –push us to do better even if we end up falling on our faces the next time around.

I love you because you’re the ‘cool’ mom. We can talk about the-birds-and-the-bees like it’s the weather and we don’t have to use ‘the-birds-and-the-bees’ terminology. We can argue on politics and current events like we’re old men of the same age. We can discuss our day like old friends catching up on each other’s lives. We can share secrets like best friends, bicker like siblings, and argue like old married couples. And these moments are what I enjoy so much because we are allowed to learn, think and act like big people even if we aren’t. In these moments, we can talk like big people, equals, without overstepping the actual parent-child boundaries.

And the list goes on.

This is why I couldn’t make myself buy that huge yummy swiss chocolate bar I saw at the mall this morning. Or that beautiful orchid plant that would drain all my cash on hand. Those gifts would never amount to the effort and love you shower us with everyday. Even this letter would not cut it. But I hope the effort will amount to even a little.

Hope you enjoy Mother’s day and the days after that.




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