Tinkering with VB, DAO and SQL

                When I told myself that I would be spending my term break in a more productive light, I thought I would be spending my days surfing the internet reading journals, articles and theses papers for our thesis project. Well, as it turns out, I have spent the past week having a Castle marathon while studying the basics of Visual Basic, Data Access Objects and Structured Query Language.

                A few weeks ago we found some nifty equipment at the station and I ended up taking home the bar code scanner – to tinker with. I did manage to figure out how it works and I found some open ware Barcode generators to practice with. Now, I my problem is to make a database with a search function. So far, I have accomplished Adding Records. I have yet to make the Delete and Search Record functions.

                Hopefully, I want this done next week better yet the end of this week.



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