Moving forward and bringing the good

     I am happy to announce that my summer break officially begins today and I am dead set on recharging for the incoming term. After feeling the results of the lack of effort in my academic performance, I am not letting what happened this term happen again.

Grade Consultation Day

Yesterday was a rut. After so long, I realized that ‘Grade Consultation’ days don’t do much good to any of us students or our grades. It usually ends up with either an aggravated professor leaving the room with determined students following – persuading the professor to pass them, or students left crying over that 0.5% gap that dear professor won’t grant them so they’d pass. In both occasions, the grades are rarely revised. Nobody really goes home happy on this day – even the overachiever who has already passed with honours and would still grovel even to the last 0.001 just to get their grade up by another 0.5.

In my experience, grade consultation days haven’t affected my grades in my favour. Never has my grade been lifted even to a +0.5 and it’s always because my grade percentile is always between the brackets. And I never pull out the ‘I’m almost there to being an honor student’ card. If there was a time that my grades were changed, it was in high school. I thought that I was going to get my first 79 when it turned out that my professor forgot to encode my final exams grade. That was an experience that I do not want to experience ever again.

But Kudos to those who managed to persuade their professors to lower the passing grade so they could pass and to those who managed to have their grades increased because they deserved it. 🙂

As far as I should be concerned, I am glad that I passed all my subjects and I am sure as hell that I will never forget the professor who gave my first 1.0. I didn’t enjoy that subject and my quiz scores were pretty miserable. If that professor would be reading this, I think that he would agree that I did not deserve to pass his class. But I did and thank you sir. If I weren’t scared of you and if I wasn’t late in going to your scheduled consultation hour, I would have personally thanked you. I will be always grateful.


Summer Activities

     Now that summer has officially started, I am entitled to balancing my time with relaxing and starting research for our thesis. And of course, I have so much time to update this blog. 🙂 I missed writing. So watch out for frequent updates!

     By the way, a few weeks ago, I bought three pots of Marigold flowers and a pot of roses to grow just because. I’ll try to post some pictures once the Marigold fully blooms for the second time and the roses grow flowers again. I am very excited!

     I also have to get back to working out (with Zumba). I have to be in top shape and ready to face the next term. I have to turn all that negative and unused energy into positive and productive energy. Tiwala!



Happy to hear your take on this

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