High School was a drama. College is a sitcom.

Part of our routine as engineering students is greeting our peers with the question, ‘Hey, gets mo yung homework?’ (Hey, do you understand the homework?). For many of us, that question leads us to bashing our professor if not question ourselves for choosing this career path. On a good day, when we have no homework or quizzes to study for, we mostly spend our free time conversing on the useless. For us ladies, it may be about boys or that new tv series that got us hooked on the weekends. For the guys, it always is about the latest PC game. Right now, DOTA 2 is the heart of every guy’s man-to-man conversation that I’ve unfortunately had the chance to listen to. Yeah, that happens when you have more guy friends than girls. But when the boys and girls of engineering come together on a good day, it ends up in me having a really good laugh.

So it was a good day when my college friends and I were laughing our lungs out when I realized – I enjoyed college more than high school. Sure, the workload is way heavier than in high school but it doesn’t feel as much as the end of the world when we fail a quiz in college. It’s prolly because failing is natural in engineering. Though, I would like to think that it’s because we’re older, and wise enough to know that there’s more to life than acing a quiz. Thankfully, we get by. I get by. And I occasionally ace a quiz. Occasionally.

With college friends, there is this different kind of enjoyment. Maybe it’s because we don’t give much of a damn of each other’s baggage and we become more ‘in the moment.’ When I was in high school, I always felt that ‘close friends’ meant having exchanging each others’ dirtiest and darkest secret. I wasn’t really into that bandwagon -even now. I know things about my best friends in high school -and it’s because they trust me enough to tell me. And I tell them whatever I’m ready to tell. For me, knowing someone’s dirty laundry to be a close friend isn’t a necessity. Sure, having to know someone’s baggage brings your closeness to another level but I’m not looking for that kind of drama.

Yes and that brings me to DRAMA. God, how I remember my high school days when seeing girls cry down the hallway was a normal thing. And then you hear news about groups being mad at other cliques and your teachers walk out on your class for being noisy or lazy enough to read the prescribed readings. Everyday was a drama and quizzes didn’t seem like the main event unlike now.

Our professors right now, have admittedly accepted the fact that we’re never reading the prescibed readings at home. And them getting mad seems more funny than intimidating (Don’t tell them I told you that 😉 ).The only drama I experience in college is whenever we get our quiz results or our final grades are released. That’s the only time shit gets serious. In college, the rumor mill doesn’t even bring much drama – it’s generally comedic, in fact. I find it refreshing when I hear hilarious stories from other classes. I’d like to think that because we’re always so busy, we’d prefer to destress with things that makes us laugh. I think it’s a good thing -if not good exercise.

What was your high school and college experience? Hit your comments below.



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