Rehashing my cooking skills and my less than mediocre performance

Once more, I have been side tracked by my laziness. My plan of sitting in front of my computer the entire day so I could get that paper on Nationalist Alternative finally written turned out to be a day spent with mom and my attempt to rehash my cooking skills.

I’m currently waiting for the cream to freeze so I can whip it and top it on my first attempt of a banoffee pie. Honestly, I’m more excited on the thought of eating it. But not before I take a picture of it and share it with you guys. 😉

While waiting, I’d like to share with you how my week went by – busy, as usual. The first wave of quizzes is almost through. ALMOST. Sad to say, I wasn’t bringing my A game and I’m becoming frustrated -which never really ends well for my hair.

On other news, I got the job of Assistant Vice President in our org and our team bonded over salvaging IC holders and transistors yesterday. It was fun despite being the only girl there. Well, there really isn’t a boy or girl in my book when it comes to work.

I’ll try to make updating a habit again. I’ll really try.



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