Tabs are the new Abs.

Gone were the days when carrying that notebook computer and flaunting it in Starbucks -when you were actually leeching on free wi-fi – made you the ‘it’ guy. Even gone were the days when pulling out that gigantic Motorola from your belt loop (note: belt loop not pocket) made you the guy to date. Tabs are the hot ticket right now and it took me my own dad and 5 minutes inside a mall to figure it out.

We were at the mall this morning after finally catching the morning mass when I noticed every guy I saw either had an iPad or a phone that could practically be called a tab with its wide screen on hand. Even dad was walking with his earphones on. And it was connected to his new Samsung Galaxy Tab. Yes, I had to say it. He didn’t buy an iPad.

I was mildly annoyed to say the least- partly at dad for being awkward. We were with him and he had earphones on like it was the coolest thing on earth. Hello! You’re with the coolest kids on the planet and you have earphones on – while walking! On a side note, I personally find it uncool to find people preferring to listen to their earphones when they have company who are capable of bringing entertainment at a voice quality that’s less than Adele’s. And I’ll mercilessly brand you an anti-social. Anyway back to the other reason why I was annoyed. Finding people walking while fiddling with their tabs like it’s more interesting than walking is annoying especially when you catch them trying  to log into facebook. It’s a mall for Pete’s sake! Malling this morning seemed like a flaunt fest, if you know what I mean.

I couldn’t help but be a bit crude as I told my friend about my observation today. I said, ‘Why is it that tabs are becoming the status symbol for men these days? I thought it was their penis who did the ranking.’ I was expecting an ‘Alec, you’re so crude. Let’s talk about something else’ sort of remark. My friend surprised me by actually deadpanning, ‘It’s because their penii are getting smaller. That’s why they leave it to the tabs.’

That got a laugh from me.

But don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against tabs. I have my own – a cherry pad turbo that’s way cheaper than yours, I bet and I’m happy with it. In fact, I’m writing this post with my tab because I can’t seem to get anything finished with my laptop. I keep getting distracted and this is my way of getting into the zone of claiming that tabs are the thing right now.

I’m just hoping that people don’t forget that engaging in personal conversations will always outweigh even the fanciest instagram photo or the wittiest tweet. Because there are those moments in plain old interaction that cannot and will never be caught by any electronic device. Those will be the moments you’d have to turn to when your tab finally dies and you left your charger at home.



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