Good Morning, 2013!

In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to make it a point to publish this before the day ends. To tell you the truth, I haven’t gotten around to writing these past few weeks. I had so much in mind to tell! I thought that once the Holidays kicked in, my writing would, too. However, when you’re surrounded with alot of people and alot of food, taking some time to be alone to get this piece together becomes extremely difficult – especially if you’ve been short on beauty sleep and have been spending the last few nights Gangnam-ing after dinner to entertain the aunts and uncles.

Now that I finally have the time to do the routinary reminiscing, I would like to start with sharing how much I enjoyed igniting a few firecrackers during midnight. I forgot how exhilarating and scary it is that I ran and screamed while giggling hysterically (Yes, I can pull that off) every time I saw the wick burn and start the firecrackers. My cousins found it hilarious that at my age, I go hysterical and overly excited whenever I light up a cracker. As much as I want to be in denial and feel offended, I can’t because I really enjoyed welcoming 2013 – screaming and all. I’m not getting any younger and I’d be burning extra calories with my over excitement, right?

Fun and excitement aside for a while, I’d like to dedicate a part of this post to the  people who mattered this year.

To my professors, all of them, whom I loved and hated and loved to hate. You made me realize that the grades I receive during the end of the term don’t really determine how well I’ve learned in your class because it’s the courses I take after I pass your subjects that determine it. Thank you for the high grades because it made me feel good (made me keep believing that hard work pays off well) and for the not so high grades because it made me strive harder.

To the people that have annoyed me. All of you who have stressed me out last 2012, you have exercised my patience and made me remember I have a voice. A voice to use and tell you frankly how you infuriated me. You have also exercised my right to decide whether or not to forgive you – which always ends in me forgiving. Please don’t annoy me next time. Thanks.

To my new-found friends. You have been really sweet and kind and open and I can have so many ‘ands’ in this sentence. You have again made me feel how good it feels to make new friends where small talk and everything random is a welcome topic and personal baggage isn’t part of the friendship circle yet.

To my long-time friends who have been in touch with me, who have hung out with me last 2012, who when I’m with and there’s a silent moment has never made it awkward. Yes, because I’m the one who keeps trying to make it awkward and it never is. HAHA You were there to listen to me rant and chikka and I was there to listen about your day/week/sem. You guys accept my intelligent thinking *wink* no matter how graphic I can be sometimes *wink wink*. I love you to bits and I hope this 2013 we’ll see each other more. ;>

and To my family. You have been there since forever and it was until recently that I realized how important it is to spend time with you especially now that we aren’t getting any younger by the day. I am both annoyed and flattered whenever you want me at home during the weekends and when you give your hesitant ‘yes’ when I ask permission to go out with friends. I can make an entire post all about family but I won’t right now because you’re all beside me preparing to sleep and I might bawl and you’d wonder why I’m wailing when I’m facing my laptop and you think I’m Facebook-ing. But thank you and I love you despite how much I love to hate you when I’m being the stubborn teenager.

2012 has been a year with alot of happenings (and most of them I have already forgotten. Been caught up with college). I almost believed that the end of the world would happen but I totally forgot about it since it was the day that the school released the grades. Now that I think of it, we people can be very ridiculous. But like I said this morning when we were on our way to Kabankalan City and my uncle and dad were relating their mischief when they were our age – ‘No class is fun without bullies.’ 2012 wouldn’t have been remarkable without the people and circumstances that made what should have been an ordinary day into something a bit out of the ordinary.

Cheers and Have an awesome 2013!




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