An eventful TWH

This week has been quite eventful, I must say. There were a number of cancelled meetings that got me into random discussions and spontaneous adventures.

I was supposed to have a meeting regarding the General Assembly(GA) this coming Tuesday but it got cancelled without any heads up from the bosses so I ended up waiting for nothing. Ate dinner at one of the benches inide campus with some of my classmates. We ended up talking about the most random things – from how intelligence was measured to which of the buildings in Uni were the most haunted. We came to a point where we shared our personal experiences with the supernatural. It was fun since we were scaring ourselves in the process.

Wednesdays are usually half-day classes for me but this week, I had to stay until the evening because of GA practice. So to kill time, I ended up looking for an unused computer station so I could get hold of the contact numbers I need for that thing VP was aking ne to do. I managed to get hold of the numbers – even called them up. And there was still time to kill. Decided to tag along with my friends who were on their way to buy cake for their VP (they surprised their VP for her birthday). We managed to accomplish it in record time and decided to eat before heading back. We made it time and we kept laughing in the process of getting back to school.

We finally did have our GA practice. finally.

I ditched GA practice on Thursday because my friends and I have planned to eat out on that day weeks before. It was also my friend’s first time to ride the train during rush hour. The train station was incredibly packed that afternoon. Yes, and I think at one point I was exchanging sweat with the woman beside me. Gross, I know, but that’s rush hour for you. After three trains have passed, my friend and I managed to get a ride. We had to push ourselves in. If I was riding alone, I’d be all serious the entire trip buy as the train started moving forward, my friend started cracking up. I gave her a ‘what’s so funny?’ look and she laughed even harder. In between giggles and alot of bewildered stares from the other passengers, my friend told me why. She said that what her friend told her about rush hour was true. That since the train was so packed, you didn’t need a bar to hold on to whenever the train was coming to a stop. All you had to do was go with the motion and lean on the person next to you. At that time, it was so funny that I started laughing too.

We arrived at the destination a little late but we had fun… eating. Traffic was a bitch on my way home. I’m used to it. Lola wasn’t. She kept telling me I shouldn’t stay out so late all the time. When I got home and checked my mail, I found out that GA practice was cancelled.

So I didn’t miss anything at all.

That was my week. Next week is going to be pretty busy once more. My TFs are complaining that I don’t spend time with them anymore. But that’s another story.

‘Til then



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