The first of many ‘No Weekend’ for me

This is going to be a really really quick rant so if you don’t feel like reading, I suggest you read my other posts right now.

I feel really really stressed right now because I feel so frustrated. I wasn’t happy with my performance on today’s quiz on Industrial Electronics. This is why I don’t like setting up expectations every start of the term because I tend to expect so much from myself. And I feel so pathetic. Gahd. Next week is going to be horrible. I have 2 quizzes lined up and I want to do really well in them (just to make up for this flop of a performance today).

What’s more is that my entire Saturday was practically consumed for this subject of mine. I woke up at 6 am sharp to study until 9 and then I got ready for school. Arrived at quarter to 12 and the quiz was at 1. It finished at 245pm and I went straight home after. Arrived at 530. Two hours of travel! and I was so quiet because I was mentally scolding myself for being such an idiot.

It’s going to be a while until I can update. I’m thinking of writing what mom advised me to write: a critical essay on the laws that the Philippine Government have recently passed. Hot issue, really. But studies first!

So much for my ‘No Weekend.’ I hope Sunday becomes worthwhile. ‘Til then.


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