That moment when your parents say that they miss you

So Mom and I were at the dinner table last night playing this game called Starmaker that my brother downloaded on his iTouch earlier that day. We were cracking up because of how incredibly horrible our voices sounded over the playback when Mom casually brought up Friday night.

I came home late last Friday because I was out with friends. Originally, I planned to go home at 2 in the afternoon and then it became 5 and then Mom said there was no dinner at home so I better eat dinner out. So we did and it caused me to arrive home at almost 10 in the evening. I’ll let you know, I was incredibly lucky that Dad was on Face Time with my cousins abroad. Served as a mini-distraction to the sermon I was expecting that evening.

This was how the conversation went:

Mom: Don’t you have any home work?

Me: No, I don’t. Why?

Mom: It’s just… I find it odd to see you playing on a weekend.

Me: Well, the term just began. I’m making the most of my free time. *sheepish grin*

Mom: You came home late last night.

Me: (*alarm bells ring in my head!!!*) I know.

*semi-awkward silence*

Me: You and dad seem to always want me at home on the weekends.

Mom: Well, when you start working, you’re hardly ever going to be at home.

Me: *silent*

Mom: And your brother would be in college and he’ll be working, too. Then, I’d have no one with me whenever I’d be grocery shopping.

Me: You’re going to miss me.

Mom: Yes.

Me: *EXTREME EGO BOOST* You can adopt a kid. (Me trying to hahaha cover it up)

Mom: No, I don’t want that.

Okay we can cut it to that. HAHAHA. But I think you get the point by now. And it got me thinking. So that’s what parents feel when they’re kids are growing up. Why haven’t I seen the signs?! Ever since I stepped into college, Mom and Dad seemed a little more ‘monitoring’. There’s always that ‘WHY?’ interrogation whenever I have to go to school on a Friday. Just so you know, I usually don’t have classes on Fridays. Just the occasional org work and departmental quiz. And last term, both of them were dropping hints that I always stayed in school late and that I always had quizzes. Dad even asked me one time, “Why do you always have quizzes, don’t you have final exams?” I said, “Dad, we do. It’s just that they put the quizzes in the evening and it’s a different quiz every night.”

I find it funny. When I was in high school, my parents were always pushing me to go out and have fun with friends. Now that I’m in college and of legal age (if I may add), whenever I’m informing them that I have to stay in school late or I’m going out on the weekend, I get this ‘can you stay at home?’ vibe. Yes, I really find it funny that I’m miserably failing to hide my grin right now. But I have to keep my straight face in tact because Dad’s in the other room and my door is open and if he sees me grinning in front of the screen he’s going to think I’m wasting my time on Facebook.

I wonder what happens when its my brother’s turn. Hmm….



One thought on “That moment when your parents say that they miss you”

  1. Haha! I hate being monitored especially when I’m so busy. The annoying thing is when you’re swamped with work or school and your parents think you’re going out. Really?! Really, parents?!

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