On why I get to be the laughing stock of the gang.

Whenever I’m with my friends, it always happens that I get to be the butt of their joke and I get to be the one laughed at. Horribly laughed at. It never really occurred to me that most of the time, I’m the one who gets teased and laughed at until a friend of mine mentioned it to me on the way home. She said, “You know, it’s funny that although we tend to say the same stuff, you’re the one who always gets laughed at.”

Credits to LadyShanana from Deviantart

Thanks to that friend, I recently became self-conscious about it. And I realized, that people do laugh at me. So I did a little survey. One afternoon, I asked my friend Cris why he thought I was always the one picked on.

Me: Cris, why do think I always get picked on and laughed at?

Cris: (a bit thoughtful) You’ve got this thing about you that makes us want to tease you.

Me: Is it my face?

(he snorts, hiding his laughter.)

Cris: Why do you think people tease other people?

Me: So that they’d get annoyed.

Cris: Well, now you have an answer.

Me: I don’t get it.

Cris: You make this face when you’re annoyed. But you’re never really annoyed.

It even seems like you like it when we make fun of you.

Me: I still don’t get it.

(Cris facepalms.)

That same night, I decided to ask my high school best friends why they always snickered whenever I was telling them a story (even when I wasn’t at the incredibly funny punchline yet). Most of them said that it was because I was funny. And I had a crazy laugh. Mika said and I quote, “Your laugh will always be funnier than the joke :>.”

I even asked my mom about it. Seriously, when we were on our way out, she was telling me something about work when I remarked on it and she burst out laughing. I told her what’s funny? She said you are. I told her that what I said wasn’t funny and then she just kept laughing. Then I told her about how I noticed I was always laughed at even at school. I asked her what was up with that. She said while pinching me on the arm, “You make us laugh, that’s a good thing.” So she wasn’t really answering my question -_-

When I think about it, maybe it is my awkwardly loud laugh that makes them laugh at me. Or my face. I really don’t know since I don’t look at a mirror whenever they start laughing. In all those times though, I don’t recall ever being mad or irritated at being laughed at. Sure, I get mildly annoyed at times but it doesn’t last long enough for me to miss the opportunity of laughing with them. It’s better that way. I get to enjoy the benefits of laughing at the expense of… nothing really. It doesn’t get to me. Maybe its because they’re my friends and I love ’em. Or maybe it’s because my ego is too huge for it to get to me. Or maybe I’m just incredibly dense and obtuse. Nah. I’ll go with the huge ego. 😉


P.S. Finals week just ended and I’m so stressed to see my grades already. I hope I pass all my courses. And then class starts once more this Wednesday. This term’s term break is just a mere weekend. Pray for me! 🙂


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