I got 273 visits today! And the rain still doesn’t have plans of moving on…

Opened my WordPress account to discover that I got 273 visits on the site today – which is totally awesome! Because of this, I would like to sincerely thank you for visiting and checking out my posts and re-posts.

On other news, it took me roughly 3 hours to get home today. Traffic was shit at Coastal and the rain hasn’t stopped pouring since this afternoon. The University I study in is practically drowned in flood and the city mayor has declared the suspension of classes on all levels tomorrow. That is practically the reason why I am able to update and thank you all today.

I just hope that the rain would stop for a while this week. I’ve become extremely lazy recently with all the class suspensions and the continuous ‘bed weather’, as some twitter users call it, I’ve been experiencing. We all need to get back on track! The world isn’t getting any younger. And so am I.

It was my birthday yesterday. I purposely hid my birth date from Facebook in the hopes that I’d receive greetings only from the people who actually remember and I’m legitimately close to. Was hoping to have a quiet birthday this year. Definitely got it yesterday. Breakfast with the family. Lunch with the family, my cousins and uncle and dinner again with the family- this time with cake!

It’s going to be mom’s birthday tomorrow. Still figuring out what I should get her and how I should get it in this weather. But there is the classic alternative…. Hmm…

I’ll try to update soon. Hopefully about something political – or one of the many things that’s been weighing in my heart right now. :”> For the meantime, enjoy some of the photos from yesterday.

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