Ran, ushered, hosted and a few more action verbs

I will be completely honest. This is my first time to get involved in a convention and when I say involved, I’m referring to the behind-the-scenes kind of involved. Until yesterday, the closest I’ve been to a convention is whenever I sleep in my aunt’s hotel room whenever she has a doctor’s convention here in Manila. Free food, free room!

But this week, I finally got to take part in a convention – that I actually understand! Robotics, microprocessors, cloud computing, e-jeepneys… And I came to school yesterday in blue corporate attire, and today in official officer’s shirt and ID. It’s both refreshing and exciting. I’m a total dork, as you may notice, and I enjoy attending seminars (especially if the speakers are extremely good at holding my attention).

Though this time that I’m somewhat part of the organizing side, I wasn’t keen in listening to the talks itself. Yesterday, I only got to listen to the last speaker at the plenary. Mind you, I was half-listening because I was also reviewing for my electronics quiz that evening. I missed the first three because I had to go back to class. Today, I wasn’t really paying attention – I kept going up and down the building looking for technicians to fix the audio/video of the room. I kept calling my VP asking where the certificates are, where he is, and basically updating him what was happening (secretly hoping he’d come to the lecture hall already and save me from my ignorance). Yesterday, I ushered one of the speakers and I felt like a total idiot – I didn’t know who he was. Until now, I don’t know who he is. I was introduced to him but he wasn’t introduced to me so ushering was totally awkward and we even got off the wrong floor! I had to apologize and I told him we had to ride the elevator again to the next floor. Humiliating.

Today, I did a little better – I swallowed my shyness and asked the speaker his credentials so I’d have something to say in front of the entire delegation. Yes, I was also prayer leader and host – on the spot. I think my voice cracked some time during the introduction HAHA but the speaker was totally gracious enough to even encourage me to not be nervous just before I started opening the seminar. Once he started rolling, I retired outside the lecture hall, on the floor – exhausted and hungry. Had lunch at three and then went home – ‘rents kept asking if I was heading home already.

I’ve been caught off guard on both days. It has been both exhilarating and tiring. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying it. The convention ends tomorrow. One more day and it’s back to reality a.k.a homework and school projects.

‘Til next week.






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