It’s in her strut

Sometimes, I wonder which team I’m really batting for.

Just kidding. I’m fully aware that I am attracted to the male species. But then, I’ve recently noticed that whenever I see an impressively dressed woman walking down the street, I can’t help but stare at her. Or if I see someone scantily dressed, I can’t help but gawk. On awkward days, I have a tendency to stare at those ladies blessed with large breasts or narrow hips – even both. No, seriously, I can’t help it and I’m saying it in the most wholesome way (that I could muster).

It’s not that I’m fascinated. No, tall males with handsome faces fascinate me. I believe it’s the way these women bring themselves that make me shamelessly look at them as they pass by. I’ve read countless articles about how a woman’s walk speaks about her personality – some even claiming that the more confident her walk is, the more successful she is or is bound to be. I even remember this one episode of a make-over show I’ve seen on TV where this woman- their latest project – was taught how to walk more confidently. I clearly remember her mentor’s advice: You have to find your own beat and walk to the sound of it. And then the mentor went all tugs tugs, helping the woman find her own walking beat.

These women I’ve seen – they sure know how strut! And strut their best assets they do. I love it when I see confident women. They inspire me. I may be self-absorbed and egotistical on most days but on my not so good days, it’s hard to pull up that velvet cloak of confidence. For a woman, or any person really, it is difficult to always put on that confident streak especially when there are so many things that can pull you down. Sometimes, it’s frustrating how others interpret your confidence for arrogance or something much negative when in fact, you just know how to display the best of you.

So, to all the ladies walking tomorrow – may it be in flats, wedges, stilettos, converse, bare foot or no foot – show the world your strut!



Happy to hear your take on this

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