May the odds be in my favor

I’ve been so busy this week that I almost did not have the time to update! I am currently cutting my sleeping time to get this in so I will greatly appreciate all the appreciation on this post. HAHA!

Ever since I’ve applied for that Junior Officer I’ve been spending more hours in school – even Fridays. It’s been fun and I’m learning more about PCB developing and other electronic devices that haven’t even been explored yet in my lecture classes. Anyway, I’ve been working on a roulette sort of light sequence (part of my task as an applicant). I’m done with almost everything except the 9-volt battery source because I haven’t any here with me. Spent the whole day soldering the parts on the board and I even accidentally burned my laptop. Almost gave me a heart-attack. And no, mom and dad don’t know. I haven’t told them. They will kill me if they find out- especially dad. But I’m pretty sure mom will find out after reading this. So for the meantime, I put a sticker on it HAHA to keep it sealed. Then, I broke my drill this afternoon. This removable part won’t remove itself so I ended up breaking it and now it’s stuck. I am hoping that it’ll get fixed because I don’t want to buy a new drill. Such bad luck today.

I just hope starting tomorrow, I’d have better luck and the odds be always in my favor. I need all the advantage I can get to make it through this week with all goals achieved.




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