In the mind of an aspiring workaholic.

So I went to school yesterday for two things – attend the RnD committee meeting and join in on the campus’ end of 100th year celebration. Well, it so happened that I enjoyed the meeting more than the university’s schedule. I know I’m lame and probably the most boring teenager you might ever meet but I missed this. This having to be in meetings discussing things that are relevant to a number of people. This feeling of having to meet for something important, something spectacular. Yes, I think I’ve been idle for too long – been content with only the academics and the occasional rumors spread by the rumor mill.

I believe that it’s high time I get it on and spend all of my free time in more productive and earth-saving ways. But I’m still adjusting. I can’t seem to get myself into work mode immediately after sitting in front of the computer. To think, I have two lab reports, an essay and a quiz all due on Monday and Tuesday. Then I have to stay late at school on Monday and Tuesday for the quiz and training. It both scares and excites me that there are stuff already lined up for me to do.

It scares me that despite all this busy and bustle, I still have to check on myself every now and then just so I don’t kill myself over work. It scares me that I may not get things done the way I expect them to get done. But it excites me that I’ll have something to look forward to. It excites me that I’d be dead tired every night that I wouldn’t have to think of ways to make myself fall asleep. It excites me that I’d be learning new things from different people other than professors and classmates. Β (I better get back to work) Β πŸ˜‰

Oh, and it’s Father’s Day tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there πŸ˜€



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