Fridays, Friends, and Funky Interviews

So despite Friday being my rest day, bum day and work out day, I had to get up early to accompany my brother in buying his school uniform. This is the first time that it had taken a longer time waiting for our turn to go inside the room where they sell the uniforms rather than the actual uniform fitting and buying. I was almost sure that I’d have to leave my brother there to fend for himself for fear that I might be late for my scheduled interview. And I hate being late – especially on interviews. Thankfully, we finished right on schedule. I had to help him cross the street and see him off on the jeepney. Then, I crossed the street again and took a jeepney to the bus station.

I arrived at school roughly twenty minutes before my scheduled interview. I was in the ‘I’m-nervous-but-wanting-to-get-it-over-with’ zone. I changed into my white polo blouse because I like wearing white to interviews and went up with R to the interview rooms. I wasn’t really expecting much at the time but when they made me sit in front of the panel that was to interview me, I told myself that I should just be myself and be as honest as possible. I thought, I shouldn’t try to impress them with what I don’t have or do. Whatever goes.

The first question definitely threw me off.

Why does a stick of barbecue always have a slice of fat at the end?

Believe me, I was applying for a position in the Research and Development department of our organization. Well, I wasn’t really thinking straight at the time so I answered them with whatever I thought of. I said that the fat served to keep the grill going because whenever the fat dripped onto the coal, the flames sort of increase. The entire panel stared at me and then went into ‘ohh… right’, ‘that seems like the most logical reason I’ve heard of all day’ and all of that. At that point, I became unsure if that was the real answer and asked them if they wanted a funny retort to the question. It seems that I answered the question a little too seriously.

Apparently, the interview format consisted of funny questions and serious ones. I answered them all honestly and as fast as I can. I was a bit thrown off once again when they asked me about my CGPA. When I started saying the digits, they went all ‘WOAH’ on me again while looking at me like I was an alien from outer space. Seriously, that was the funkiest interview I’ve been to. No poker faces. No vague facial expressions. But I did see one of those enigmatic nods.

I did manage to get out of the room alive -but sweaty. It was hot in there.

At around 1230, J came by to fetch us four and head to MoA. We waited a while for L to arrive. She slept in after reading ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower” all night. I forgot to ask her if it was really good.

Anyway, we spent more than a couple of hours in a booth at Burger King laughing our asses off. We had so much to talk about that there were more than enough times of us overlapping each other. But we did manage to understand each other. And then comes this silence like an angel crossed our table and then we’re off again talking and laughing.

That’s what I love about friends. You never run out of laughs and stories to tell.

P and I grew tired after all that laughing that we decided to go around and find ourselves a drink. She wanted coconut juice and I wanted a banana shake. Well, what happened was that we literally circled an entire wing of that massive mall to look for a stall that sells coconut juice to find out that the nearest coconut juice retailer was found right in front of Burger King. So much for using our eyes.

After a few more laughs that was mainly on J’s expense for we caught alot of homosexuals casually and blatantly checking him out, P and I went home.

I couldn’t stop smiling on the way home. Today was definitely a day well spent. Thank you. 🙂



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