Camote Fries and Friends Save the Day

So I was rolling all over the sofa bed thinking of a topic for this blog post, while munching on Yaya’s camote fries when it hit me. I’m never going to come up with a topic like the amazing scenery posts featured on Freshly Pressed or anything related to baking because I don’t do those things. I don’t travel and my cooking skills aren’t exactly blog-worthy. I’m the girl who spends her weekends at home doing her control systems homework, reading young adult romance e-books on her tablet (even if she isn’t much of a young adult anymore) and bathing dogs!

But more often than not, writing for dummies articles online and most of the seminars I’ve attended, when I was still taking writing extremely seriously, say that the best topics to write are those that you know alot about. When I say alot it means alot alot like you know it by heart alot. So yes, no adventure trip story this week. More of a teenage reflection, yet again.

I started this week a bit awkward. Sure, I knew almost all my classmates in all my classes this term but having not seen them for a month sort of changes things. It felt like there were so many things to talk and not talk about that I practically the listener for the most part – which was good considering nothing extravagant came out of my summer this year. Nothing much to talk about but so much to think about. I think I got carried away with the thinking part and it almost destroyed my sleeping pattern. But then a friend saved me because we talked and it turned out to be extremely helpful on my part. Turns out that I need to talk more often to keep myself sane. And talking about how my day went with Mom isn’t enough.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying Yaya’s camote fries and Pumbaa is attacking my laptop so I’ll just make it quick:

You can make your own camote fries with two main ingredients: Camote (which is also known as sweet potato if you’re not familiar) and sugar. You just fry ’em both in oil until the camote cooks through and them BAM! Camote fries.

See? I’m no good at food blog posts HAHAHA =))

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