Blog Rhythms and Application Forms

I’ve been mulling over some stuff this past two nights ever since my driving lessons were through, which, by the way, went extremely well.

The first one was brought up by Mom’s author friend whom I met once again when I went seminar crashing at mom’s workplace last Wednesday. She asked me how I was doing with my blog recently, if I was updating frequently and I told her that I only updated whenever something cool came up worth writing. I grimaced at my own answer when I realized that I’ve been totally unproductive this summer. The only notable post that I’ve written and actually enjoyed writing was my review on the Hunger Games trilogy. And that was written almost a month ago.

When I got over my horrible realization, she advised me to have a schedule. Like, post something at a certain day of the week every week to keep my creative juices flowing. Decided to try it – have my own Blog Rhythm.

From what I recall, I had a rhythm in high school. I always wrote and posted on Friday night but, sadly, it revolved around a certain pers – err topic. When I got over it and stepped into college – who seemed to drain me from commuting and computing, I slacked off on blogging. I feel shameful. Disgrace to the blogging world! But I will try. No seriously. I have to keep my creative juices flowing if I’m to survive my third year in college – which brings me to my second topic.

Application forms with essays will forever become the death of me. Well, not really. It’s more of a mental sort of torture for me. I think of something really good to say then, when I think it over and edit it so not to sound like I’m kissing too much ass to a point that I’m grovelling, I always end up with a blank screen in front of me. Then I try to think again, this time, randomly typing sentences while deciding to give up. I usually do – give up. For a while. I pace the house or wherever place I am in the hopes that something fantastic may pop into my head. But then, it takes a while so I eat. And more often than not, I end up finishing the damn thing the next day. I really like to think things through – if you know what I mean. (Gahd, I never saw the daw I’d be using that phrase in one of my posts!)

Sometimes, when the question is about how I’m to be a benefit for them, it takes so much for me to not type: Well, you’re looking for people. I’m applying. You need me. Now, what’s in it for me?

But that never happens. I just like to humor myself before I finally come up with the right words to say.

I think it’s because I take application forms really seriously and I believe I’ve been watching too much movies with interview/ application scenes where the boss takes one look at the resume and then shreds the entire file without daring to take a look at the second page. Yeah, when it comes to applications, I tend to become an aspiring crowd pleaser. I can’t really blame myself – tough competition around is what drives me. I’m a Leo. I want to be on top sometimes – well, all the time, really. My mental and physical capacity just hinders me. Go figure.

So do you have a Blog Rhythm? Tell me about it. I might get some useful tips and give a shout out on the next post. 🙂



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