If they can’t see it, make it BIGGER.

So the entire household has been suffering- for some time now- from the community’s blatant lack of courtesy and consideration. The noise pollution here is terrible. Motorbike drag racing at 1 in the morning. Boisterous laughing at 2. Blaring music at 3. And then some hideous guy says that it can’t be helped because we’re living right at the main road. Well, if only I was there and had the balls to retort, I’d tell him that this was still a residential area. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SLEEP PEACEFULLY, you know.

Frankly, I’ve been living like this for 5 years. I haven’t talked about it much here because I don’t like to complain so much anymore – it drains me. But now, it’s gone worse. Especially, now that it’s summer and my mind is barely tired from lack of mental exercise, any sound (that normally shouldn’t sound at night) removes me from my sleep and it’s extremely annoying. I’ve been waking up with really dark circles around my eyes for the last few weeks and this is darker compared to when I have sleepless nights due to schoolwork. It sucks. And it sucks even more because I can’t tell dad. We did, once. And he went ballistic. But I think he’s starting to notice the things that peeve us around here.

Like this morning, he burst into my room (waking me up before my alarm goes off) to tell me to create a sign that says ‘Do not block the driveway.’ Apparently, news about how mom told off the owner of the restaurant beside our house for letting his customers park in front of the driveway arrived to dad. Dad thinks mom made a huge scandal out of it. She didn’t. I was there and I didn’t hear her yelling. That douche of the owner somehow twisted the story and came to dad first before he got to know it from us. But whatever. I still know he’s a douche. Told mom that he wasn’t a security guard so it wasn’t his business to ward off those who parked in front of our gate. Well duh, they’re his customers. Idiot.

And yes, even before I was tasked to make this signboard, our gate had already been plastered with a humble ‘No Parking’ Sign.

People here don’t seem to understand road signs, even courtesy for that matter. They even try to find fault in you for calling them ontheirmistakes. So when I finally dragged myself out the bed, I started working on that signboard dad wanted me to make. I got alot of help from Yaya. She did most of the carpentry. I was more on the painting and design. We make a pretty good team. 🙂

Huge signboard, really. This hopefully, should keep them idiots away from the driveway. If not, I don’t know what to make of the people in this place anymore.

I’m really looking forward to school right now. Seriously.



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