Even the edible ones can be deadly

That mini heart attack you get when you drop your Iphone or Blackberry is nothing compared to the almost heart attack I experienced when I received mom’s text message that she went to the ER this morning because she couldn’t breath. Apparently, she had an allergic reaction with the mangoes served during lunch at the school where she works. It was a good thing that the hospital was just in front of the school.

Reading and comprehending that text message was horrible. It may seem that I might be over thinking the situation but you never know . I fainted once because I bled too much during a period and my parents went ballistic over that stunt I pulled in the bathroom. What more if it was an allergic reaction – this one actually kills faster than having to bleed to death. Gahd, the things that flashed through my mind. The thought of having to go over there when my brother and I are more than an hour away from the hospital and my dad’s farther away because he works practically three cities away. Mind you, I don’t trust hospitals too much, even doctors.Yeah, let that be our little secret because I do have some relatives who are doctors and soon to be. So… shhh 😉

Anyway, I’ve been living the bum life for more than two weeks now. And it’s driving me crazy. 😦 Seriously, being the Type A personality and a Leo can do this to you. All play and no work makes Alec really bored and I’m having a really bad headache. But I loved the feedback I received from my previous post that’s why I decided to update. 😉 I’m still not over the Gale-Katniss thing. (forever a fan).

Now, I shall return to being a bum and play Tetris Battle.

Eat healthy everyone! 🙂



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