Book Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy

I borrowed my college friend’s Hunger Games Trilogy set after I saw the movie. I figured that I needed something to keep me busy this summer and the movie was so gory and action-packed that I was expecting that the book would be the same. Or even better.

Well, reading The Hunger Games did not fail to give me that adrenaline rush – the same kind when I saw the movie. Collins having it written in Katniss’s point of view certainly made me want to flee every time something in the book made her want to flee. It made me want to have a bow and arrow set of my own at some point. Collins did not fail in making me feel like I’m in the woods reading this book and in danger. It clearly established this feeling of being unsafe and exposed – even at the end of the book.

Catching Fire was better than the Hunger Games. If the whole series were a single book, I think this would be the climax. I couldn’t go to sleep reading this book. It’s exciting. Kept me on my toes. Made me hate Snow alot. Made me laugh so much at Katniss’s antics. It’s embarrassing but while I was reading this when I was out and waiting for a friend, I giggled more than a few times at Peeta’s extremely cheesy lines. And I love how detached most of Katniss’s reactions are. It’s like the circumstances that brought her to where she currently is makes her somewhat void of any romantic capabilities. All that kissing and touching Peeta still didn’t convince me that she loved him.

Mockingjay, the last book,was the heaviest of the three books, I believe. It somewhat resolved all the loopholes of the series. More political than ever. Though, I kind of wonder what happened to the remaining victors after the war was over. The main characters, I knew – they were told. But characters such as Johanna Mason and Annie (the one who got mad)… it left me hanging quite a bit.

Honestly, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how the story ended. Sure I liked how the turn of events during the last part of the rebellion occurred. But I wasn’t happy with the ending written for Katniss, Peeta and Gale. There wasn’t any justice in it, really. Sure, I can handle Katniss and Peeta ending up together despite the fact that I’m a Katniss-Gale fan but I can’t seem to grasp how their friendship just went *poof!* after all they’ve been through. And they call each other bestfriends. (Yes, I’m definitely not satisfied.) Though, it justifies what Gale said – Katniss choosing the person she can’t survive without. Surely, that confirms my suspicions that she’s never capable of romance. Dry. (And that she’s still using Peeta for her personal gain. HAHAHA! :)))

With the way things have progressed in the series, I think all these can be attributed with how Katniss’s character is made to be. Despite being independent and capable of taking care of herself, she can be a coward. If it weren’t for the people around her, she might have fled to the woods the minute she discovered Snow wasn’t pleased with her berries tactic. And that is why I love books with alot of characters in them – it becomes more entertaining. But then it really is hard to maintain alot of characters in a series of novels. So killing them off is the fastest and easiest way to deal with them. Makes sense though since this is The Hunger Games.


For all it’s worth, reading this made me braid my hair…alot. šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy”

  1. I completely agree with you about the end of Mockingjay. I was also disappointed by the way it all wrapped up so quickly; I wanted more Katniss/Gale interaction. Gale’s character was ignored at the end. I guess it’s too much to hope for that Suzanne Collins will write a sequel!

  2. I agree entirely and wish that some how an alternative “third book ” could be written? Not sure if this has been done before but something with a more uplifting ending where prim is not killed etc. the whole book seemed too confused and depressing? A real shame

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