They say Ice Cream is great heartbreak food.

Because I’m still summing up the motivation to study continuous signals, I will blog. πŸ™‚

The day started early as usual. I accompanied mom to Isuzu because the car needed maintenance. Took long enough. Arrived half an hour later than I usually did in school. Anyway, mom commuted with me and I just held myself from cracking up inside the jeepney when she learned that her fare costs more than mine…when the distance between our destinations was just a couple of kilometers away. She went all ‘okay. whatever’ (note the subtle sulking. HEHE love you mom!). Arrived at school and desperately tried to sum the motivation to study environmental science. Fortunately, I did. And the test Β that afternoon went well. What’s more is that I learned that I got a 3.0 in electric circuits lab. Which is really good!

But then the day would never be complete without that heartbreak of the day. I received my 3rd quiz in continuous signals and the result was not good. It greatly dropped my quiz average so now I have to ace the finals. (Which I’m still trying to study, mind you). *Sigh* It was a good thing K won and R and I got our ice cream treat from him. Next best heartbreak food to chocolate! Then he was cool enough to teach me signal multiplexing. So minus one to the things I have to review tonight. πŸ™‚

Okay, definitely must study now.

It’s Friday the 13th by the way! And a friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday again, Kai!



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