Loose jeans, unavailable printers and careless name mentioning

Well, if you had a bad hair day, I had a bad jeans day today. Wore the first wearable jeans I could grab from the shelf and ran off to the car to head to school. Didn’t realize until I was walking down Times that the pants were so loose if I keep walking without pulling it up once in I while, I’d be flashing everyone my striped knickers. It took me a while to realize that those weren’t my pants. HAHA! Dad called me out on this fashion mishap of mine this afternoon. Not the best of days for me, I believe. This is what I get for the lack of sleep these past few days.

Which then brings me to my next point. I’ve been stressing out on this project in Electronics Lab. We’re supposed to make our own power supply circuit (that actually works) and I can’t find a computer shop within the subdivision that has a printer capable of printing on tracing paper. Nobody here has laser jets! I admit even I don’t. Much more a basic inkjet. (Mommy, if you stumble upon this, I’ll have you know that we need a printer πŸ˜‰ ) Well, we do have a printer here somewhere but has no ink and nobody really makes an effort to buy ink because it costs too much. Yeah, we bought the printer because the unit was so cheap to find out that the ink costs more than what it’s worth. And you can’t refill empty cartridges on your own! They programmed the damned cartridge!

Anyway, this afternoon, it was made official. The whole world knows! Even the guy involved knows! Oh god the humiliation! Yeah, well R and I were with V during lunch break to kill time when he came and I got all frozen up on the spot and became extremely quiet. That was fine with me until I caught his friend’s eye when they were leaving and there was this glint of humor that I just couldn’t let pass. It was the look that told me that they knew. Well, V kinda confirmed their ‘suspicions’ when we were talking about him and then he came around with his friends. V said his name out loud, really loud (oh god. this is the moment when I freeze on my spot again) just when he was behind V and R saw that he looked back at us. And then I was there rooted on the spot unsure whether I should die or laugh it off. It took me a few seconds to let everything sink in. I laughed. Then the best part of it all – gave me the balls to add him on Facebook.

If he accepts then he’s a good sport. If not, then I’m absolutely sure that he already thinks of me as a creeper. HAHA! God, please let me live through this. :)) Β For all I know, I might be coded as the-fat-stalker-girl-with-the-scary-stare. But then who knows, he might actually like the attention :O [feeler alert!] Well, whatever goes. Nothing lost, nothing gained. Just the lack of sleep. πŸ™‚

Hope you have a fruitful Holy Week. I’ll be pretty busy on the next few days so if anything blog-worthy happens, I might post it a little late. πŸ™‚



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