That’s what I get for being harassed

Despite having told my friends, my parents and whoever about what happened in school this morning, I still can’t find it within me to shake it off.

So I just got out of the restroom and saw from the other side of the floor a former block mate of ours.  We just saw him coming out of the classroom with another male student and that was that. We went on with our lives talking about the ongoing general elections and whatnot. While we were descending down the stairs, and just before reaching the landing between the 3rd and 4th floor of the building, I heard someone calling ‘Miss, miss.’ Unknown to me, I was the one being called. Figured it out when this big burly guy, who is twice my size (even more) went in front of me and started with a really loud voice, “Miss what is your problem?” Now that startled me. And people were giving us looks. Yes, if you follow my blog, then you’d know why.

Anyway, I just stood there shocked that this random guy who apparently was the guy standing beside former block mate came after us to confront me for allegedly looking at him (in a mean way). He said (in Tagalog),”Why were you looking at me like that? Bakit ang sama ng tingin mo sakin kanina?” Well, I just kept standing there trying to register what was happening and the only thing that came out of me was, “We weren’t talking about you. Hindi naman ikaw ang pinag-uusapan namin.” And then he looked even madder and went all, “My day’s been great so far, don’t ruin it.(Then a string of bad words comes in but my friends heard it, I didn’t – was too shaken up)  Ang ganda-ganda ng araw ko, ‘wag mong sirain.” Well, with that I started once more for the stairs and didn’t look back.

I was so shaken up after that. I told my friend G that I didn’t know if I was to cry or laugh at that moment. I was so quiet when I voted at the voting booth (because it was general elections week) at the ground floor. I think this got me disoriented the whole day after. Didn’t listen to most of my classes after lunch. I was looking for a distraction and I resorted to talking. But now that it’s quiet, I can’t help but have the whole thing replay on my mind again.

I told my parents what happened. And they were all, “Then why didn’t you fight back?” on me. Yes so much for the sympathy I was expecting. Or the quiet nod or whatever to de-stress me! Then my dad went all, “You should have kicked him in the nuts. What’s the use of Tae Kwon Do?” God, why is it when I take the ‘peaceful’ route do I get pressed on having to fight back? Well I don’t want to fight back because I’m scared of being pushed off the stairs! The guy looked ready to kill me if I angered him any more. *Sigh*

Well, to top it all off, I lost something important today. (Which I will not disclose because I know Mom’s going to read this. 🙂 Hi ma! )

Just so you know, I’m still fucking scared.


One thought on “That’s what I get for being harassed”

  1. Hi I just discovered your blog I will stalk you HAHA joke. Omg if I were u I’d be traumatized as well!! At least you know how to walk away from that kind of situation. To be the better person :))

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