Waking up to wet cheeks and an even wetter pillow

Have you ever experienced waking up to a dream with you crying in it and finding out that you’re crying in real life, too?

Yeah, well, I did this morning. Kind of a shocker especially since I wasn’t expecting that I’d be crying in front of that friend (in the dream) much less wake up finding out that I am really crying.

I haven’t thought much about it until now but I think I’ve been spending too much time with said friend to have seen him/her to have opened up to him/her that much in the dream.

Surfed the meaning of my dream. Found out that I may have been supressing my emotions so I ended up crying in my dream and then crying in real life. It’s either that or my hormones are acting up. I personally favor the second one HAHA. Not much of a cryer really. THAT’S WHY THIS TOPIC IS SO BLOG WORTHY! 😉

Well, I want to hear from you. Hit it up on the comment box below. 🙂



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