You’re like that pretty dress behind the glass window

That’s the thing with having a crush on someone you only know by face. That purely physical sort of attraction you have towards another person. You only get a chance to see them for what they look like and never really get to know them.

They’re like that really pretty dress behind the glass window of that really expensive-looking dress shop. You notice it even a mile away, and you never fail to pass by just to get a look at it. But then, you never really go inside the store to ask how much the pretty dress costs because deep inside you know you can’t afford it. (Or you’re too shy to ask the sales lady – which in my case applies)

In Harry's case, it was a broom

What’s funny is that I get to see said crush every day without fail and he always manages to catch me looking at him. (Yes, I am a total bust with stealing glances.) I feel like he knows it and its embarassing but what can I do? I can’t just make my way towards him and make friends with him. Nah, I’m much of a coward to do so. Believe me, shying out will be the death of me.

I can say that the ‘closest’ encounter I had with him was the time the org I’m in was sponsoring some week-long event at their booth and we had to go there and participate. Somehow, I managed to zone out and stare at him like an idiot and my friend caught me doing so. She made fun of me the whole afternoon and even until now, on some occasions. And then he caught me two nights ago at the org’s get together party catching a glimpse of him on my way out. Yes, I’m pretty much making the glass window thicker by the week. I’m no good at this thing. But then, it’s just a crush.

So that’s what it all is. The pretty dress behind the thick glass window that I’ll never get the price of because I was too shy to ask the sales lady. Well, in Harry’s case, it was that awesome broom. But he got it because he was ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and his parents were so damn rich.

So much for brooms, pretty dresses and window shopping. Now I want a new summer dress! and a trip to the beach after FINALS!



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