Walking the 3Km Fun Run

I had to drag myself out of bed at 530 today to accompany mom to this ‘family day’ event that the place she was working at was holding. We brought Shaun the Dog with us thinking that he’d be game and run with us today. Things were looking good when we were heading there. Shaun was restless on my lap so I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t mind running when we got to the place.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, Shaun got all scared and refused to walk. I think he got overwhelmed with the amount of people at the site. So mom and I ended up walking the race, carrying Shaun along the way plus the 2 500 mL bottles of water that was handed to us at the beginning of the race. It was pretty funny really. The supposed run became a walk-with-weights sort of thing.

The three of us did manage to finish the whole 3k. In fact, we were the last to walk into the gym.

I feel tired now from all that puppy nanny-ing. I still have a report to write and MEDEFOR to study. I’ll post pictures in a while.

So, how was your experience in Fun Runs? Or are you a professional runner? Share your story on the comment box below! πŸ™‚


As promised, the photos….

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Happy to hear your take on this

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