Engineering takes alot of adrenaline.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve been running on adrenaline for the most part of this week. Trust me, when you’re studying engineering, energy from sleep and food is not enough. There’s always this thrill that makes you function properly with the help of adrenaline. Everything’s rushed and we’re always busy. Eyebags are a fashion statement and failing classes is culture.

It kinda sounds scary but the return is a thousand times better than getting a 4.0 in history.

Today, I’m confident and happy to say that the week ended better than how I expected it to end. I saw my crush this afternoon, which was really good on my part. Then I found out that I passed my Vector Analysis quiz- even better. To top it off, I’m proud to say that I wasn’t a total screw up during my Electric Circuits quiz. :> Though I’m pretty sure that I won’t pass the quiz  (nobody does. Notorious subject, really). I just feel like I did better than last time. (I can’t be too sure until I get the results, though.)

So that was today for me. How was yours?


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