When college gets tough…rant.

There really are these times in my college life when I just want to rip my hair out… out of frustration of course. However, I cannot do so because I’m still aware of the fact that I’m not yet losing my head.

Well, I arrived home really late today because we had our second quiz in CONTSIG ( continuous and discrete signals.) I was definitely pissed off for being so careless today.Moreso of the fact that I got totally mind blocked when I got to the part of solving for the anti correlation and convolution of signals. It all makes me feel like what I’ve been reviewing over the weekend was just a waste of time because I couldn’t manage to get it through my head.

I hate it plus the fact that I’m always so unsure even if I’m practically breathing all those equations. I need to change and change immediately. I have another quiz tomorrow so I’m coming home late again. I want to e perfect on this quiz tomorrow! No more room for error.

’til then



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