Making Out with Rum Bars on Valentine’s Day

Before I tell you how my day was, I have to say that it didn’t actually start well. I was technically late for my Stereo Speaker Making seminar because traffic always does that to me and elevator lines in Andrew are always so long. In fact, I had to endure this totally icky couple in front of me who had to touch each other every half-second. I mean, okay, we all know that you’re together, can you fight the urge to touch each other ever so often just until you two get a room?

Anyway, the seminar turned out to be great and I honestly enjoyed it. I actually felt a notch smarter after the session. Well, after class, I had to hang around school for about an hour just to get the waivers for ELCIAN2 settled. Gel and I were sitting down at Engwalk, while waiting for one of my batch mates to take the papers away from me, when I was telling her how on a regular day, anything I said about the lovey-dovey couples that passed by was just me being sarcastic and trying to get a laugh out of her and that for today, everything seemed to sound like I was downright bitter. She just laughed at me some more.

I was getting anxious by the minute because I was really looking forward to eating Italian buffet for lunch at the school where mom works and my batch mate was taking so long! I love tomatoes! And Italian-themed food has lots of tomatoes and I was really hungry at the time.So when I was relieved of my job, Gel and I immediately left. Well, I did manage to arrive on time and I ate alot… of tomatoes. Though, I didn’t get a chance to get a second serving of the chicken. I think this is the first buffet experience I had that did not involve having second servings. It was more of me going back to the buffet table to try everything placed there. (Gahd, do I sound like a glutton.) After getting really stuffed, I had to waddle into mom’s office and wait until 6 for her and dad to finish work.

I arrived just in time!

In all the waiting, I met one of the school’s scholars (and her boyfriend) who helps mom in her department. They were actually entertaining lightly bickering and all. And they’re so cute together! I know, my being a hopeless romantic is showing. They’re really funny. I always loved observing funny couples. I enjoy how they seem to find a way to get along despite teasing and making fun of one another. It’s like watching a romance sitcom at the front row. Funny that this had to happened on Valentine’s Day.

Well, when mom finally rounded up the family, we went to Town to eat at Max’s. Fun fact: the last time we ate at Max’s as a family was around five years ago. Imagine that! And to think we always passed by that restaurant, every Sunday, actually. Anyway, I was so ecstatic when they gave into my wishes and ordered kare-kare. HAHA! I have a secret love for bagoong.


Well, after pigging out, Dad wanted dessert so Mom got us some Rum Bars (because I said I wanted some) :>

Me in my 'Chocolate-y Bliss' state

And that’s when I made out with Rum Bars on Valentine’s Day. 🙂


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