Moody Mondays

I’ve always loved Mondays. It’s the day when I’m most energized and willing to use my energy on schoolwork and socializing. It’s the day I get my weekly allowance, the day I get to see my crush for the first time since the weekend, the day I get to smile and laugh the most in all the days of the week.

But I’m starting to not like Mondays anymore. It’s getting a little demanding – in a not so good kind of way. You know those people who kind of exude this depressing vibe? Well, I’ve got this professor in one of my classes who seems to be that type of person. Don’t get me wrong. I liked her the first few meetings, thought she was sweet and all. But in these past few weeks, she’s been downright depressing. She’s been constantly comparing our class with the others she’s handling, been blaming us for being so slow in conducting experiments, and has been loudly commenting on our written final reports (you can just write it now, can’t you?). Moreover, she’s been giving us that ‘when you get a job’ lecture that’s ticking me off.

It’s been two years since I last experienced this. I think she’s trying to motivate us with the ‘negative’ enforcement thing. I hate that kind of reinforcement! Not only is it insulting, it also kills my ‘good morning’ mood and leaves me under this depressing cloud. I mean, seriously, how could we go on with our experiments if you go on and talk so loud while we’re trying to perform it. So what if we’re slow?  Our parents fucking paid for that three hour- a -week class, might as well make the most out of it.  And the technician, god, don’t get me started with him. He thinks he’s a goddamn god for crying out loud. Goes ballistic whenever we return his already faulty equipment!

And then there’s dad who went on (again) about us being the cause he’s been having a lot of salary deductions because he’s late. 😐 And then threatening to cut our allowance! Why is it when old people blame younger people, they can get away with it? And when the young people are right, we can’t say a thing? Oh yes, I remember why, I’m living off of his money so I might as well have to go with it until I get a job of my own.

So much for starting the week right. I think I need to talk to someone. God, I feel like crying. Yeah, that’s pre-valentine’s for me.


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