Dad-ecdotes: Teenage Rambol

I know it’s late, but I won’t miss writing this for the world.

On our way home, mom informed us that one of our cousins got into a brawl at some bar last night. Details are sketchy but as mom wrapped up on what she’s heard from lola, dad sort of went down memory lane – recounting the fair share of teenage brawls he’s encountered. And boy, he sure enjoyed telling us the details. He even tried redoing the moves – complete with flying kick and matching Bruce Lee stance (Yeah, and try imagining a 50- year old bald guy with a tight round beer belly doing those moves). Totally awesome after-exam entertainment!

Well, I never imagined that dad was capable of doing those stuff when he was around my age (and perhaps even a little older). Start fist-fights during basketball games, get into brawls with the kids from the other street, join amateur boxing games, use marbles as slingshot ammo. I always thought he was goody- two-shoes all throughout. Apparently, not. Boys will be boys so it goes. But the good thing about knowing this? Well, I finally traced where my bully genes came from. Kidding.

Its nice to finally see another side of dad. The side that doesn’t count the cost of monthly bills or scold us for laughing too loud. The kid side. I kinda saw him grow young just by recounting all the reckless juvenile activities he’d been through. I hope me and my brother get to see more of this. We’re all growing old, I think it’s about time we learned how they were when they were us.



Happy to hear your take on this

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