The X-factor, really?

I’m technically supposed to study for a major quiz tomorrow and I’m here writing about this topic that’s been floating over my head for  quite some time now. I was just waiting for the right moment to talk about it. And now I have – perfect timing, really.

So I was waiting with a friend of mine down the hallway at school when said friend leaned toward me and whispered, “See that girl who looks like a guy?” I nod my head acknowledging that I do see her. She was wearing jeans, gray trainers, a loose t-shirt, a sports watch and was carrying a backpack. I’ve seen that girl a couple times around campus and she seemed harmless so I was wondering what this friend of mine was going to say. Then said friend continues, “Would you believe that she has a boyfriend?” My initial reaction was “mhmm…” because I’ve seen this girl holding hands with a guy a couple of times around campus and it wasn’t that I gave a damn about it (haha. indifferent as always). Anyway, when I finally registered what and how my friend said it, I said  “Wait, hold up? What’s the matter that she has a boyfriend?” She then goes, “Yeah, well, look at her. She looks like a guy.”

Frankly, this is the first time I’ve ever had a conversation like this with another human being. I mean, I did have some thoughts before on why the ugliest men in the world ended up with the hottest chicks and the short non-hot chicks ended up with the tall hunky men.  Or why the least in the face value department end up being in a relationship. But I never pondered so much about it until now. Well, at that moment when friend said that sort of offending line (well, I myself have been teased to have looked like a guy, to have acted like a guy, in fact), I began racking my brain for something to say. I ended up with an, “Uhm, well, hmm… It’s not always the looks, you see.” Well it isn’t all the time, is it?

Then during dinner, the family had ended up in one of those ‘How did mom end up with dad?’ conversations. Pretty funny really. Anyway, since we were already on that topic, I kinda slipped that floating question to mom. “What did you see in dad, ma?” And I was making this sour face jokingly pertaining to the fact that he was nowhere near the looks of Bruce Willis. Dad loved comparing his looks to that guy. And my mom cracked up until she was beet red. But I was kinda getting serious with the question in between the giggles. I even asked her, “What did Hayden Kho see in Belo?” Well, she said, “It’s not the looks really. There are some men who are attracted to women because of a certain attribute – an X-factor. And then there are some who just gravitate to each other like there’s some magnetic attraction between them.”

And then dad cracks up a joke of how mom went weak-kneed the first time she saw him. Mhmm…

In my case, I’ve never been in a relationship or anything close to it so I don’t have much of an opinion. HEHE. I’m happy being single, having happy crushes at school and swooning over overrated and cheesy romantic novels. I think I’ll go show off my X-factor after I get my first paycheck. 🙂

Yeah, I’d like to hear your  thoughts. Post a comment, share your story!



Happy to hear your take on this

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