The Prince Turned Toad

Well, he doesn’t exactly look like a toad. Total opposite in fact. Actually, I think he’s getting more handsome everytime I see him. However, I am glad to say that that sinking feeling, toe curling effect that he’s had on me since high school has, finally, gone!

Finally after four years! I managed to get over my crush on him. I know, ang tagal. It’s been too long and I barely knew the guy. But it still puzzles me how I stayed attracted to him for so long. Still am, just no more tingly feelings. Bah, blame it on the hormones! I’m still a teenager now, aren’t I?

And because of that realization (that took me long enough), I genuinely enjoyed the party tonight. No more bothering to steal glances or attempt any conversation. No more tummy knots and nervous smiles. It’s kinda refreshing, really. Now, I feel totally single and available! Take that ‘puppy love’! HAHAHA!

On other news, I totally dig my outfit tonight. Mom says I look like Marilyn Monroe. I said, I look like her when she’s 50. You know, with the menopausal double-chin and flabby arms. And then, I found out about an old friend of mine. I was totally stoked at first but then it was so cute that I couldn’t help but be really happy for that friend of mine. He practically was radiating good vibes that even I felt a mood boost going on.

Great night. Good times. What more can you ask for?


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