Flashback 2011: In an hour and 45 minutes

I’ve been staring at the screen for quite some time now thinking of a catchy opening for my year end blog post. So far, nothing has crossed my mind. Though, if you ask me how my 2011 was, I’d say alot of things. So much, in fact, that I may not finish this in an hour and 45 minutes. I believe that you might even want an ice cold beer in hand while you read everything I’m about to say.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to dwell much on the bad stuff – Like the fact that I arrived in Manila to find out that our dog, Stacy, got lost because somebody left the gate open or the fact that I got my first 1.5 in uni. Those are the stuff that I’d rather discuss when I’m up for the crying while writing technique. Now, however, I’m gonna share the 11 most memorable things I learned this 2011 starting from the most recent.

  1. EAT before you go and prepare for Media Noche (Midnight Meal): A few years ago, I didn’t enjoy welcoming the New Year because of a massive stomach ache. I missed a meal because we were preparing for the Media Noche and my tummy kinda went ballistic when I finally ate something. I learned my lesson this year. Definitely ate on leftover Christmas ham before cooking for tonight’s lasagna. 🙂
  2. CURLY is not UGLY: I finally embraced my natural curls with the help of some mousse. Everybody’s been telling me to get a rebond and I’ve been declining ever since I finally understood how to manage my hair. The secret: never comb nor shampoo! I know it sounds gross but it works. Though, I can’t really give up on shampooing because I commute. So, I try to limit it to thrice a week.
  3. GRADES aren’t everything: I’ve been convincing myself for quite some time that grades aren’t everything. Well, they kind of are when you’re looking for a job but when it’s about socializing and meeting and keeping friends, the numbers don’t matter.
  4. There’s a reason why GOD gave us TWO EARS: Ever since I turned 18 and my parents got a year older, hearing them rant became a frequent feat here at home. So, instead of me stressing out because they’re menopausal and andropausal tendencies arise, I hear them out onone ear and let the rest out of the other.
  5. I have a secret love for DANCING: Okay, so it’s not much of a secret anymore. I enjoy dancing as much as I enjoy eating and talking crass but then that doesn’t mean I’m not so shy about it. I’m totally shy. It’s sort of my own form of meditation. Ha! Well, if you must know, it was those Zumba videos that made me admit it.
  6. I’ve managed to avoid BEER all YEAR! I learned that it takes alot of determination to avoid drinking beer especially if your entire family’s master beer drinkers. When I say master beer drinkers, they can drink half a case and still drive like a sober man. But still, I stick to my word: I’ll drink any other alcoholic beverage but BEER! Managed to avoid them last night :). Dancing sober is waaay better.
  7. A trip to the DOCTOR’S scares the hell out of me: Ever since that fainting incident, I’ve been visiting the doctor more frequently this year. And I got to tell you, my doctor scares the hell out of me. For some reason, her word seems like law. (And I finally got my cervical vaccine shot). On my last check up, my usual 100/70 BP became a 100/80. HAHAHA! I hate being nervous.
  8. I’m going back to my old habit of sleeping LESS: Every time midterms come ’round, I cut off my sleeping hours to an average of 5. Sucks really. And I think it’s a habit that I should definitely change. It’ll take time, but I think I can do it!
  9. FACEBOOK causes alot of trouble: I learned that facebook taught me to procrastinate, sleep less and stalk more. HAHAHA! Facebook is bad for my health and I should cut down on my hours. :)) Now why does this sound like a New Year’s Resolution?
  10. LUCK comes with TIMING: totally true! The best things happen at the right time. And the worst things always happen at the wrong time (that’s why it’s the worst). Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out. Kind of applied in alot of things this year.
  11. GREETING IS IMPORTANT. I learned that this is the best way to avoid having to buy your friends gifts. HAHAHHA! I sound so mean. But really, when you’re in college and all your friends are scattered everywhere, it’s kinda hard to catch them in person and give a gift. So the best way to share the Holiday Spirit? greet them on the holidays! 🙂
Well, that was 2011 for me. 🙂 And here are some of the best pictures of 2011.
Giant pizza! Nomnom
Me and my new cousin!
Mika's 18th
My 18th.
With my TFs!
My first UAAP game

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