Gotta Believe in Magic…NOT

Didn’t get my happy term-ending. Professor didn’t raise my grade by 0.5 so buh-bye unlimited absences. 😦 Felt so depressed this afternoon plus the fact that taft was flooded when I went out of campus. So yeah, sucky afternoon. So much for that line: nagmamagic yan! DI ka babagsak niyan. Hmpf.

Though, I got to say, I’m very lucky to have engineers for parents. They can relate with my situation. And they managed to crack some jokes about it. Yeah, easy for them to say because they have stable jobs and kick-ass resumes. Then they fired out so much tips (which they should’ve said during the term, not after I’m wallowing in my sorrows) that I think will be really helpful in the coming terms. So much so, I didn’t receive any of those ‘I-told-you-so’ remarks. πŸ™‚

Anyway, now that I must accept my fate, I am happy to announce that I am thrilled to meet Shannon, Iman and Inna tomorrow for lunch! I haven’t seen Shannon in more than 2 years now so I’m pretty much excited. Too excited in fact that I had to ask Shannon what to wear. Kala mo date e. :))

So basically, tomorrow until new year’s will be very busy days for me – which I think is great. Anything to keep my mind off misery this Christmas. I want to enjoy the holidays!



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