I was thinking about…but then…

So I was thinking about changing the domain name of this funny little blog of mine because I thought that it was time for a little change. I was torn between using my real name as the domain of this blog or some wordplay that I would have come up (that I’m expecting to be lame or overly dramatic). But then, I kind of questioned myself why I used myegotism as my domain. So I consulted Merriam-Webster and this is what he told me:

Definition of EGOTISM

a : excessive use of the first person singular personal pronoun
   b : the practice of talking about oneself too much
2: an exaggerated sense of self-importance :conceit — compare egoism
Practically, all thought of changing my domain flew out the window. Why the hell do I need to change the domain of this funny blog of mine when it perfectly tells you, reader, that I’d be excessively talking about myself in here? I know, it’s kind of outrageous that I haven’t gone all nuts talking about myself in here most of the time. But then, it is more surprising that I’m actually using big words in this post of mine while my head is terribly throbbing in pain. Yeah, I’m having those painful migraines again.
Well, I kind of have a theory on why I’m having these migraines pretty frequently these past few weeks. I think I get them when I talk to myself silently too much. Funny, ’cause my head doesn’t hurt when I’m studying all those fancy engineering subjects I’m taking up right now, but when I’m thinking about all that teenage angst that I’m harboring (probably from all those teenage TV series that I’ve been watching.), debating about trivial stuff, me head starts to hurt.
But that’s just a theory. :>
So, how’s Halloween going for you, guys?

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