Long Weekend Equals Slacking Time!

So I sort of forgot that Halloween’s in 2 days because I’m totally not feeling that creepy/scary (somebody may be lurking right behind me) sort of vibe and then I remember that I’m taking up Engineering. I tell you, those ghosts and paranormal stuff that make you lose a week’s sleep is nothing compared to what I’m taking up in college. You absolutely have no idea what’s coming next. Engineering’s like a suspense movie. You’re on your toes all the time and despite the fact that you know your standing (based on the quiz scores and whatnot), you still tend to hold your breath ’til the term ends. You don’t get to rest until you are absolutely certain that you pass.

However, this is a long weekend. 🙂 And loong weekends tend to make me switch into slacking mode. Believe it or not, my body automatically takes advantage of time when it knows that it’s a long weekend. I was planning to finish some lab reports today but I ended up reading through some cheesy romance stories on FictionPress. Yes, I am definitely a sucker for romance. :>

Anyway, Mom’s not sleeping here tonight because she has this overnight strategic planning thing going on and it’s been awfully quiet around here today. And then tomorrow, I’ll be taking yaya and mommy’s role (until mom comes home late tomorrow morning). That means, I’m on laundry duty, doggy duty, cooking duty and probably cleaning the house duty.  Yeah well laundry, cooking and cleaning isn’t hard as long as the boys (dad and bro) aren’t awake but doggy duty is gonna be a bit tricky. We have 13 dogs right now. 10 puppies (yes that includes Pumbaa and Buknoy ’cause they’re barely 1 year old) and then the 3 veterans(Stacy, Cello and Chewy). Yeah, so much for that slacking marathon I was looking forward to.

Well, I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!



Happy to hear your take on this

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