It’s been such a tease!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re so in the mood to do the things you need to do for the day, or go to places where you need to go, and then something awkwardly frustrating happens to get you sidetracked and somewhat disappointed?

Yeah, well, that was my week so far. Take yesterday for example. I had a test at 6 in the evening and I had to leave the house at 3 in the afternoon so I can get there early and study a bit more. Usually, it takes 3 rides to get to school – a tricycle, a van/jeep, another jeep or bus. However, it took me FIVE! It took me 5 rides to get to school- a tricycle, a jeep, then another jeep, a bus then a jeep.

This is what happened…

The driver of the first jeep apparently got his license confiscated without even telling us passengers that he was driving only until the bridge. So, the other passengers and I had to wait for another jeep to come pick us up and bring us to Baclaran. There, I waited a few minutes for a bus to drive by so I could get a ride to school. Just when Igan, ‘the friendly bus’, came swerving by, the conductor told us that they were only driving until Buendia. And that’s like 10 blocks away from school! However, since I really didn’t want to stay out in the rain for too long, I had to hitch a ride until Buendia and get another jeepney to school.

It was terribly frustrating. I had hoped to get to school in an hour tops but then I arrived after an hour and a half. That day really felt like the world was teasing me. Just when I was conditioned and my day was all planned out, unforeseen circumstances come waltzing in like some party crasher. But that’s life.

And then today, at lunch, I saw my crush. Haha! (I feel like a swooning schoolgirl) I didn’t see his face though, only that really sexy back of his. And I told my friend A, “Why is it that he hides from me all week and when I do get a glimpse of him, I only get to see his back?!” And then he laughed at me and I said, “This is such a tease.” At this, A laughed harder and said, “Why don’t you tell him that? ‘Hey, ****, you’re such a tease!'” And then all of us burst out laughing.

Wasn’t expecting to see my crush again after classes but then I got to see him again with his face actually facing our direction. I was like, Score! HAHA! Definitely made my day.

The world has been such a tease this week. But that’s life. And it makes the good things in life seem better! :>

How was your week?



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